for Classroom Teachers

OCEE invites you to check out our new site designed for classroom teachers implementing HB 1476: Oklahoma’s Passport to Financial Literacy. Included on this site is a listing of teacher resources for each of the 14 areas of instruction required for high school graduation. This site consists of an extensive library of resources all under one location.

Oklahoma Nonprofit Launches New Website & Offers Teachers Solutions

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE) has launched a new website –— to help Oklahoma teachers implement the newly mandated Personal Financial Literacy state standards.  Funded by Tinker Federal Credit Union, the new web site provides links to numerous resources and materials for teachers to use in their classrooms.

The PASSPORT to Financial Literacy Act of 2007 requires all students graduating in 2014 to successfully complete 14 areas of instruction in personal finance.

In addition to the website, OCEE is also offers a variety of personal finance trainings and other valuable resources to teachers.

Julia Cook, a Math for Finance teacher at Santa Fe High School in Edmond, Okla., attended an OCEE training.
“The OCEE programs and resources have been a lifesaver,” Cook said. She added that she has used the free curriculum, lesson plans and other resources she received at last summer’s Academy to integrate the 14 areas of instruction into her classroom.

“The materials have enabled me to teach all levels of students in my classes and help make them successful in their daily lives. They are getting real life experiences about credit, banking, job goals, investments and the stock market.” However, Cook added, the learning has not stopped there. She said many of her students are “sharing this information with their parents and actually educating them.”

Cook said she is using the current economic situation to illustrate the relevance of personal financial literacy to real life.   “When learning about investments, the students had to study companies, how well their stocks were doing and decide how to invest their money. They began to realize that in today’s economy, investing in companies such as Dollar Tree and Dollar General might be more beneficial than investing in higher-end companies that carry more expensive products.”

“The information and materials I gained from the Academy were invaluable,” she continued. “I had nothing to start with — no curriculum, no materials or resources, nothing. When I completed the OCEE training, I had every tool I needed to be a successful teacher and help make these kids successful in personal financial literacy.”
While headlines across the United States tell multiple stories of economic downturn, corporate collapse, stock market lows and personal financial crises, the OCEE continues working to provide a long-term solution: preparing teachers to help improve the economic and financial literacy of Oklahoma’s students.

“Improving students’ knowledge about economics and personal finance may not prevent a future economic crisis, but it will help future generations be better prepared to deal with it,” said OCEE Executive Director, Dr. Sue Lynn Sasser. “Every citizen needs a baseline understanding of how the economy works, how their personal decisions affect the economy, and how to make sound choices about their own future.  OCEE is helping teachers ensure Oklahoma students have these skills.”

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education was established in 1954 and is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization.  OCEE’s mission is to promote economic and financial literacy for all Oklahomans.