Outstanding Economics Student Awards

Attention Oklahoma High School Educators:

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education and the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Oklahoma City Branch are pleased to invite you to participate in the 11th annual Outstanding Economics Student Awards Program.

This award program recognizes outstanding students and highlights the importance of an economic way of thinking. The awards are part of the comprehensive economic education programs of the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education and the Federal Reserve Bank. Each Oklahoma high school can select one student to receive the award.

team of students at competition with adult sponsor

Here are a few things to help you identify your student…

  • The student is an economic thinker
  • The student does not need to be in an economics class
  • The student does not need to be able to explain the GDP (but if they can eloquently, let us know!)
  • A desire to learn more about economics either directly or within another area of interest (ie. sports, fashion, business, etc.)
  • A student you would like to recognize as a leader in the inspiration of economic education at your school.

In place of our annual award dinner, your honored student will receive an award packet to celebrate their achievement and we will be holding a virtual awards celebration.

The application deadline is Friday, April 9, 2021

Download the 2021 OESA Packet for more information. View and submit a 2021 OESA Application.

Thank You to Our Sponsors.