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What if we were able reach and teach every student in the State of Oklahoma about personal finance and economics? Imagine how robust our state’s economy would be, the businesses created and the citizenry capable of making better decisions as savers, investors, borrowers, voters, and participants in our economy.

At OCEE, community leaders like you join forces to make personal finance and economic education a priority in our schools. Our donors are inspiring Oklahoma students to understand our global economy enabling them to be successful contributors to our state.


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$30 Sponsors one student team to participate in the Stock Market Game.
$75 Supports one teacher to receive OCEE curriculum and resources.
$150 Sponsors one teacher to receive professional development in personal finance or economics.
$250 Enables 1 student team to attend an OCEE Competition such as the Personal Finance Challenge.
$1,250 Send a teacher to CEE’s Annual Conference & Professional Development


More than half of millennials (about 54 percent) say debt is their “biggest financial concern.”

Only fifty-nine percent of the young adults in Generation Y (ages eighteen to twenty-one) pay their bills on time every month.

Roughly half of Oklahoma 18 year-olds who have a credit account are 90 or more days behind on a payment.

Personal Financial Literacy Workshop Spring Dates

Workshops in Ardmore, OKC, Enid and Tulsa. This engaging one-day workshop will PFL provide teachers with ready-to-use lesson plans, ideas and resources to meet Oklahoma State Standards for teaching the Passport to Personal Financial Literacy.

Each teacher will receive the curriculum Financial Fitness for Life. Financial Fitness for Life is a nationally award-winning personal finance curriculum that teaches students how to apply economic reasoning and personal finance decision making skills to the real world of earning and spending money.

Substitute stipends are available up to $65.

Each participant will receive CEE’s Virtual Economics 4.0 software ($109 value) that includes Financial Fitness for Life Curriculum and various other curriculum resources. A light breakfast and a lunch will be provided.

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Drawing for Dollar$ 2014

Teach your students about money through this fun and creative contest!

DRAWING FOR DOLLAR$ is a well-known OCEE annual student contest. The competition is conducted in 3 grade-level categories: Pre-K, K-2 and 3-5. Each category winner will receive a $50 prize.

Students will have the chance to express their artistry, creativity and economic and personal finance understanding by drawing an economic or money management concept.

Potential drawing topics are Saving, Scarcity, Supply and Demand, Trade-offs, Human Resources …

Teachers who participate in 2014 competition will teachers will be eligible to be selected for a sponsorship to attend the 2014 National Council on Economic Education Conference.

Please visit our official Drawing for Dollar$ page for detail information.

2008 entry

2008 entry

2008 entry1st Place, 3-5-Division, Murphy Mills Metro Christian Academy

To see more drawings from previous competitions, check out the Drawing for Dollar$ Gallery at