Teaching Economics Using Children’s Literature

Teaching Economics Using Children’s Literature

Saturday, April 21, 2012
University of Central Oklahoma
Nigh University
Center, Cherokee Room
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



There is a growing recognition from educators and other opinion leaders that to be effective citizens, students must have a basic understanding of the economic world around them. Many excellent curriculum materials have been developed recently to help accomplish this important task. This new elementary curriculum booklet, Teaching Economics Using Children’s Literature, is another addition to the growing collection of materials. The booklet contains practical, classroom- tested lessons to use with popular children’s stories.

Why Use Children’s Literature?

Why is using children’s literature to teach economics so effective?  First, since children (and teachers!) love stories, using literature is a very motivational teaching technique. Second, as economic concepts are taught within the context of literature, students realize that economics is a very real and interesting part of the world around them. And third, using children’s literature allows teachers, as the proverb says, “to kill two birds with one stone.” In a crowded curriculum, this interdisciplinary approach is certainly appealing and may even be necessary.

Join us for this innovative workshop and begin teaching your students about the basic elements of economics today!

Participants will receive a $65.00 stipend. Registrations must be completed by April 13.


This program was made possible by the Council on Economic Education through funding from the United States  Department of Education Office
of Innovation and Improvement.