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Integrating Economics in US History Using Online Media Resources

Date: November 13th

Location: University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK

Grades: 6th through 12th: Content will be focused on HS curriculum but resources and teaching methods will be relevant to middle and high school teachers.

For: History and Economics Teachers

Description: This class is designed to help teachers of history beef up their economics chops and economics teachers to integrate history into their lessons. Lessons and activities will be aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards. The instructor is Dr. Sue Lynn Sasser, professor of economics at the University of Central Oklahoma, who is highly regarded with a national reputation in economic and financial education. Dr. Sasser will model lessons found in the Understanding Economics in US History curriculum and Virtual Economics 4.0, which each participant will receive. And for the icing on the cake for both you and your students, Dr. Sasser will demonstrate using online media resources to bring student relevancy to history and economics.

This class is a great opportunity for solid content, helpful pedagogy and amazing resources. Class will also highlight and flow with the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Includes: CEE’s Understanding Economics in US History curriculum ($60 value), CEE’s Virtual Economics 4.0 software ($109 value) light breakfast and lunch.

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Please bring laptop.