K-12 Teachers Resources

BizKids training session for teachers

Professional Development

OCEE staff and content experts are available for one-hour online professional development needs at your school or in your district. We can provide resources and instruction in personal finance and/or economics.

Curriculum and Resources

Provides information regarding the following:

  • The Bill of Rights
  • Using Children’s Literature to Teach Economics
  • Financial Fitness for Life and
  • Better Money Habits
  • ABC’s of Credit Card Finance
  • International Economics
  • Correction of PFL and CEE Resources
  • Tales of Oklahoma

Other Resources

The Stock Market Game

Provides information regarding the Oklahoma Stock Market Game which is played each fall and spring.

Economics Challenge

Provides information regarding the Oklahoma Economics Challenge.

Personal Finance Challenge

Provides information regarding the Oklahoma Personal Finance Challenge.

Outstanding Economics Student Awards

Provides information regarding the Outstanding Economics Student Awards.

Drawing for Dollar$

Provides information regarding our Drawing for Dollar$ program.

Co-Opreneur Day: Middle School Entrepreneurship Competition

Entrepreneurship Competition with a Cooperative twist. This program is similar to our MEE Competitions, but is specifically for middle schoolers.