ABC’s of Credit Card Finance



A Student Credit Card Literacy Program

For years, the Center for Student Credit Card Education, Inc. (CSCCE) has offered a  free credit card literacy program, “The ABCs of Credit Card Finance,” consisting of a student primer, Trainer’s Guide and PowerPoint Presentation. The program has a target audience of high school juniors, seniors and college freshmen and teaches students how to wisely choose and responsibly use a credit card. By learning about credit through a structured curriculum, students don’t have to resort to trial-and-error learning on such an important topic. Since its inception in 2002, the program has been updated yearly to stay current with the credit card industry.

Benefiting from an educational sponsorship by Citi from 2004 to 2009, more than 2.5 million student primers were distributed, reaching students in all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C. and Guam.

Now CSCCE has developed a new distribution methodology. Instead of using a print format, the program has been made available on the Internet at the new website, The curriculum is available in two formats. The traditional program, including the student primer, Trainer’s Guide and PowerPoint Presentation are available for teachers to download. The program has also been converted to one that is animated and interactive, that can be taken independently by students online. Students will log on to take the online program and upon completion of the 25 question final exam, their teacher will be advised by email of the student’s name and test score. There is no charge for either format.  

 By teaching this program, you will help students develop the credit card literacy skills necessary to build a positive credit history that will serve them today and for years to come.

Carol A. Carolan, Ph.D.