Back to School with Financial Literacy Slated for August 31

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education will be holding the annual Back to School with Financial Literacy event on August 31, 2022 at the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club.

The Back to School event is important to bring awareness to OCEE’s mission to promote the need for financial and economic education in Oklahoma!


When young people have the knowledge to achieve their dreams, it helps grow our economy
and gives all of us a better future.

There is an urgency to promote financial education in Oklahoma schools:

  • Oklahoma students ages 15-18 averaged 57% on a Financial Literacy Test designed to
    measure participants’ ability to earn, save, and grow their money.
  • Our young people, ages 18-21 say debt is their biggest financial concern. Of that same
    age group, only 59% pay their bills on time every month.
  • Severe delinquency rates for young people are significantly higher in Oklahoma than other
    states. Roughly half of Oklahoma 18 year-olds who have a credit account are 90 or more
    days behind on a payment.

Come hear more about our programs and ways you can support and partner together with OCEE to reach Oklahoma teachers and students with financial education.

Do you have questions about this event? Would you like to donate to this event? Do you have input for our Back to School event? Please reach out to us at or 405-974-6235.