Financial Literacy Month Calendars

financial literacy month with polaroid style picture of a dog with stickers on top

It’s our favorite month of the year…  April is Financial Literacy Month! Here are two calendars to help get family conversations started. One contains elementary books with economic and personal finance themes and the other with money conversation starters. Use these calendars to talk about money in your family.

It’s important to be candid and share age-appropriate reality, perhaps a job loss or halt of business. If times are tough is important to also discuss how your family is responding and that there is a plan, such as reducing spending, potential job opportunities, the federal stimulus package, etc. If finances are looking good, it’s great to talk about goals in your family. Above all, have a discussion and keep it going… well beyond Financial Literacy Month!

Click image to download – 100 .kb

Click image to download – 84 .kb