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What Can Your Dollars Do?

The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE) is able to accomplish its mission “to promote personal finance and economic education in Oklahoma” because of the generosity of many donors.

An investment in OCEE to train just one teacher potentially impacts 75 to 150 students per year.   In 2016 OCEE has reached 546 teachers with programs.  Those teachers, in turn,  reached approximately 31,000 students… just this school year!

What does that mean? That means approximately 31,000  Oklahoma students gained necessary life skills such as learning to budget and managing debt, critical thinking and decision making,  and became more knowledgeable and prepared consumers, investors and voters.

Will you help us continue to serve?

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Every dollar of support to OCEE is important.  Here are some examples of what your donation can accomplish:

$75 provides one substitute reimbursement for a teacher

$150 provides one teacher scholarship to attend training in personal finance or economics

$500  provides two (2) team scholarships for student teams to participate in the Personal Finance and Economic Challenge or the Meaningful Economics and Entrepreneurship (MEE) Competition.

$1,000 provides the curriculum and lesson plans for an entire OCEE teacher training

$1,500 provides 10 full teacher scholarships for 10 Oklahoma teachers to attend an OCEE training, impacting 750 students in their classrooms