Customized Professional Development

smiling teachers in training seminar

OCEE staff and content experts are available for one-hour online professional development needs at your school or in your district. We can provide resources and instruction in personal finance and/or economics.

All workshops include discussion on engaging students in the classroom and virtual learning.

OCEE workshops and resources are free of charge, thanks to sponsors.

Possible standards-based workshop topics:

  • Teaching Economics in the Middle School or High School Classroom
  • Take the EEK! out of Elementary Economics
  • Math in the Real World
  • Using Children’s Literature to Teach Economics
  • Engaging Students in Personal Finance 
  • Disneynomics
  • Using Biographies of Great Americans to Teach Economics

We ask that a minimum of 10 teachers be present for customized PD.

educators in training session providing teachers with specialized skills to teach financial education

For more information, please fill out a Customized Professional Development Inquiry.